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Every class at Yoga Life begins with seeing the bigger picture of what is going on in the body, the mind, and your field of energy. We take holistic approach as we methodically create our classes. We utilize the physical body and your energetic tone and work with whatever the mind may be holding at the time. Our goal is to enhance your awareness and culminate your efforts into an experience of Sattvas, or balance. We infuse all eight limbs of the Ashtanga Yoga philosophy while striving to empower our students by teaching them what Yoga truly is and how it can support us in our life and relationships.

With Yoga Life you will be challenged physically and mentally, expanded energetically, and have the choice to make your practice as spiritual as you'd like; while finding your unique place within our dedicated and consistent community. Through our Yoga we see the connection of it all. We see you and we are here to help you. Your fellow yogis want to see you succeed and help lift you up. All you need to do is show up and let the practice work upon you.

Why Yoga Life Studio Online (YLSO)?
Brooke created Yoga Life Studio Online (YLSO) as a way to tailor certain parts of your Yoga practice. At YLSO, you will see individual classes or class series focusing on areas such as anxiety, depression, or relaxation; topics that are very specific but not always appropriate for group settings. She wants to give students the experience of a private session or workshop with more convenience. With YLSO you will have access to our pre-recorded group classes that have wonderful benefits for general populations, but you'll also find specific material for when you need a little more TLC and want to get personalized with your self-care. YLSO can compliment and deepen your existing practice and be used in addition to Yoga Life in-person or become a total virtual yoga studio go-to on its own. If you are looking for specific content that is not currently offered, feel free to email Support@YogaLifeStudioOnline.com to request. 

Getting Started
Our variety of offerings are for all levels and abilities depending on your daily needs. Take a moment to explore our full catalog which lists all classes, programs, and series available with your subscription. Filters will help refine your search depending on your preference of duration, level, and style of class. From strength-building flows to restorative practices to breath work and meditations, we have taken time to create classes that align with full lives and ever changing responsibilities.

Class & Category Descriptions:

Everything for beginners - The perfect place to begin if you are brand new to yoga or just brand new to Yoga Life. We will begin from the foundation and get your practice built safely and on the right track to develop with integrity and presence.

Tutorials & Tips - For everyone. Here you will find posture breakdowns. Breath techniques and tips to help you practice smarter, not harder, to integrate and embody the teachings. You can think of these as mini-workshops on a specific topic or theme. 

Aromatherapy - Love essential oils? Check out our aromatherapy category. Aromatherapy vinyasa classes plus other short offerings that infuse aromatherapy and the benefits of essential oils into your life. 

Meditations for everyone - Meditation is encouraged for all! Beginners can learn what meditation is all about. The guided meditations are also for those who enjoy some support or for students who like to sit in silence and feel that they're still in community.

Yin & Restorative - Created to welcome the stillness and silence into our life which bring greater clarity and groundedness. All levels and abilities are welcome in these slower, passive practices. Check these out for the days you need to move slower and deeper. Props will be used to support the body. 

Vinyasa & Power - Created to welcome strength, suppleness, endurance, and energy into our life. These are fluid, strong, and powerful practices that can be filtered by level/ability. All movements in these classes are guided by breath. Keep these as a part of your balanced practice and challenge yourself to become more insightful and full of vitality.

Breathwork - Content here is traditional pranayama (extension of life force) practices plus additional breathing techniques that aid in managing your stress and mental health. 

Calm - Restorative and slower practices. 

Strong- Challenging and fluid practices.

Off the Mat- Conversations and philosophical talks teaching you how to take your practice off the mat and into your everyday life. 

Live from Yoga Life Studio- Pre-recorded classes live from Yoga Life Studio in Saint Joseph, Michigan. For all levels and abilities with a variety of offerings from our in-person community.

Just like in our home studio, we are here for COMMUNITY! Hop on to our community's private page to interact with your fellow yogis and friends and find greater connection. Most of our challenges will have a community component that will connect on this exclusive platform.

New videos and collections are released monthly. Our monthly challenges are released seasonally. 

We are here for you! If at any point in your practice, you need additional support or have questions, please feel free to email Support@YogaLifeStudioOnline.com. If a general question arises, check out our FAQs page for answers to many frequently asked questions.

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